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Block vs. Mdef gems

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    Originally posted by B4nsh33 View Post
    1 mdef gem - even at 220+387 = 607 mdef = 300 damage less ~

    1 block gem gives more block = block is ~ 1/3 less damage .... what is bigger?
    i vote for block


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      Originally posted by kimwong View Post
      (...consider myself as VIP-only casher and no DEF gem in my equipment :P)
      I really respect you a lot, Kim. One, because you have gotten good scores on things like cw and sky trail considering your cashing ablilty. Two, because our ways of thinking are very much the same. Your build and mine are very similar and we have the same playstyle: a very offensive crit/block build that shows that BR isnt everything. I often go by your BR to see when i should attempt things, such as doing 2-10 sky trail when i reach 140k br and such.

      I just wanted to put that out there and I realize that this has nothing to do with the current thread and my user rating might go down but it will never be as low as AA's, right? gl during the next cw
      IGN- Sylph
      Proficient City s165
      Lvl 80
      light casher
      123k br
      28k br purple 1 star gaia
      crit/block build
      sky trail up to 2-9


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        Just a heads up.

        I'm a 120k BR knight that took his 28k pdef to 25.3k and raise block from 2.7k to 3.6k. Seems pretty innocent dropping defense to only gain 900 points in block. Well I couldn't beat 2-5 for weeks. In fact, the best I ever did was get down to 1 1/2 bars. After adding the block, I cleared 2-5 and 2-6 easy with S grade.