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About mount tamer event in july 21st

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    Originally posted by Daehawk View Post
    So people should get 11,000 whips free monthly? Have level 4 Stables get 2000, have level 5 Stables get another 2,500, have level 6 Stables get another 3000, have level 7 stables get another 3500. That means you get 11,000 Whips if you have them all. Mount Stats have levels once you reach the max for a stats level you can no longer place anymore into this level. 11,000 Whips is also equal to 385,000 Balens buying whips. Do you honestly believe that they will make it to where you can claim old ones every month? One time claim helps you reach the next level for the next month if you are active and doing the SC/Gem events.
    I never said to make the event every month, in the first place , it didnt use to come every month, it just happened to be last 2 months, who knows when it wil be back, and u dont get those whips for free , u gotta reach that particular stable, and nothing is for free in wartune if u just know, dumb
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