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a few suggestions!

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  • a few suggestions!


    It would be nice to be able to customize character appearance! I dont really like to look like everybody else in the game.

    second: battlegrounds and arenas should be divided into 5 lvl increments, meaning every 5 lvls above 30 u meet stronger players. Just for fairness sake so that you wont have to meet people whom you have absolutely no chance at winning against. Battlegrounds are the same, 5 lvl increments would lessen the griefing of much stronger opponents preying on weaker players who, in reality, cant win if they dont have somewhat equal equipment.

    would be nice to be able to buy extra astral slots with vouchers.

    This has been mentioned before but ill say it again: lower the prices of pve equipment post lvl 20, they are made for lvl 30 players but a lvl 30 player cant acquire their set if they firstly need 50 crystaloids just to make one piece of equipment. it would be more reasonable to increase the amount of crystals needed past lvl 20 to 10 per piece. this increase should perhaps continue at a 5 crystaloid increment per set. The same goes for crypt token equipment. past lvl 20 the prices are WAY out of line. albeit i think they could increase with 25 more tokens needed for the next item past lvl 20. in short, to get the lvl 30 items from there you would need a total of 200 tokens and not the previous 400 which is a tad high.

    knight related improvements/changes: just have a few things which seem a bit lacking in the skill tree. firstly: reverse damage seems like its much worse of than archer/mage equivalent talents. the damage just makes it almost a waste of rage at later levels. the solution would be to either make an entirely new skill to replace the old one or add some sort of scaling component to reverse damage where a percentage of physical attack power or the like would go towards improving the effectiveness of aforementioned talent. My estimate is to give it a 5% physical attack scaling at rank one and increase said scaling by 5% per rank, or a number which doesnt make the skill too strong.

    thrasher: seems like a lackluster skill, it doesnt do much in terms of helping knights as far as i have seen. rank 2 of this skill seems very poor, the only upgrade is a small bleed effect unless it is a typo. it clearly states: thrasher rank 2: "deals 162% +130 damage and adds a 60 damage bleed which is stackable 5 times and lasts 5 turns. Now, shouldnt rank 2 of the skill also increase the damage percentage? Im no expert but it seems like there are better things to spend points on.

    ErzaScarl3t of immortal ruins