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Divinity Shards & Events Items

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  • Divinity Shards & Events Items

    Hey Guys,

    The requirement of 2500 Event Items in exchange for the necessary 500 Divinity Shards is fairly ludicrous. Can we please get an event item amended to the Mount Whip payout to make it remotely possible to actually get these Divinity shards? Even if 1 Event Item (Imperial Shard) was given out per 5 Whips, it would still take 12,500 Whips being turned in to get enough to Evolve a Hades or Apollo - and that's a fairly large amount of whips that most will not come close to having at this point.

    These events are getting more and more ridiculous to be able to complete without extreme cashing. And not like just a few hundred in cashing, but thousands. It's making too many people walk away and servers are dying.

    Nothing gets people feeling like they're appreciated more than unlimited exchanges w/ event items. I think it's time to give a little to the community you've taken so much from in the past year+

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    The divinity shards were never meant to be free. Just buy enough boxes to get at least 2 apollo or hades seals and you have your shards.
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      You know the drop rate on those are now worse than 1/1000 for either of them.

      At best, you'd be looking at someone having to spend enough to buy about 800 boxes assuming they actually pull a Seal as well to supplement the Shards they get. That's $640 worth of boxes. That's silly - especially where the other pets don't require any 3rd ingredient.

      It's not like this event has Wings or Mounts. This is an event solely for getting Apollo / Hades seals, or getting them Evolved. There's no reason NOT to have this be one of the few unlimited exchange events that actually gives an event item.


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        I bought 20 boxes and got both a Hades Seal and an Apollo seal AND 10 divinity shards. So I guess I'm up 780 boxes, huh?
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          Originally posted by rangelaeyes View Post
          I bought 20 boxes and got both a Hades Seal and an Apollo seal AND 10 divinity shards. So I guess I'm up 780 boxes, huh?
          If you've gotten that, count yourself VERY lucky. Many people have already bought 400 and gotten no Seals and only about 1 in 3 Imperial Shards x5 (between 700 and 750 Shards gained, incl the free chests). At that rate, they'll need to get another 800+ boxes to be able to do 1 Evolve.


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            You thought a "cash" sylph, would be cheap to evolve? xD


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              Well, I bought 100 overall to get enough Divinity Shards.
              I got VEEERY lucky as I got Hades and Apollo seals.

              The event when Loyal Steed was the best reward we could get, I opened 1.2k chests and didn't get the mount.
              Once you're lucky, once you're doomed :P


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                Rangelaeyes, you got such a good luck, that half of wartune is envying you. but then, is just playing in the casino, 99% of people looses, and one lucky ***** wins.
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