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Goddess Blessing + Block + Enhanced Illusion

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    Originally posted by anichaos View Post
    Personally if you're not a Knight, you don't really need Block astral, swap that for Deflection instead.

    Illusion + Deflection + Goddess Blessing is better for survival.

    I used to have 3000 Block at level 65, but I swap it for Illusion, best choice I made.

    currently have 980 Block, and it still block around the same amount as when I used to have 3000 Block.

    All the while having a chance to only get hit for 1 damage from any attack.

    I don't have both Illusion + Deflection equipped, however I heard that they can stack effects and work.

    Such as you don't reflect "1" damage, but you reflect the damage you're suppose to have taken before Illusion procs.

    So you take in 1 damage, but still reflect back something like 7000 damage.

    I had such situation once. I dealt a guy 1 dmg and received back 75k (after 60s of the fight, when we get +50% dmg buff). Was pretty painful :P
    But it has never worked for me.

    Illusion - I've been wearing it for around 6 months now (level 8). It barely triggers in PvP fights and if it does, it's usualyl on one of sylph's attacks (those little ones, when the player hasn't transformed into sylph, yet) or some other lowest attacks. Never helped me win any PvP fight yet.

    Deflection - It's an awesome astral. Triggers like once per fight for me, sometimes even more often. The reference deflection damge is counted before any of your damage reduction multipliers are applied, thus a guy can deal me 12k dmg and get deflected by 25k.

    Enshieldment - I'm thinking of changing my deflection in favour of this astral. I have ~900 block right now and it works pretty rarely in comparison to a friend mage, who has 3.5k block. And actually, his often blocks make him survive longer than crappy Illusion which nearly never works (when needed)...


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      can have all these 3 astrals.. just the percentage = chances it might react in a battle.
      “Men trust God by risking rejection. Women trust God by waiting.”