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Transformed Sylph Skills?

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  • Transformed Sylph Skills?

    How to remove a skill that i don't want with new skill when i don't have free slots let's say i want to remove Thundering Strike and replace it with Shock Chain how to do that?

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    There is no way of doing this, it's a gamble of skills sadly.
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      You need to pray.


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        i see why my luck i will lose my delphic


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          Originally posted by CenterPice View Post
          i see why my luck i will lose my delphic
          I know what you mean, I lost my delphic too. But the good part is when you buy it back and learn it, you can't lose another delphic, because you don't have one to begin with
          Also I got lucky the second time and just replaced thundering strike, which is that weak skill, not "thunder strike" which is the good one.
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