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Apollos Skills?

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  • Apollos Skills?

    I just got an apollo. I've been trying to do research to find what skills/passives i should buy for apollo but i'm struggling to find anything. Anyone have any advice on what skills and passives i should use with my apollo? HELP! I'm trying to be the best on the server and need your help!

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    Apollo skills are rather lame, after all. Useful only in group fights, but even though Hercules is better (especially thanks to his -30% MDEF skill) for a knight or archer.


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      what skills should i get for gaia then? I have a purple gaia as well just dont have the level to get hercules. i'm still a LONG ways from level 80 lol. i wish i wouldn't have wasted mahra on apollo now shoot. oh well. i'd still like to get skills for apollo