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Lag, laptop usage and a recomendation

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  • Lag, laptop usage and a recomendation

    hi there, i am having all kinds of issues with lag, i am on bretheran abyss, when i run this game, it runs my
    shockwave flash at 129k, has a gpu process of 96k and wartunes takes 82k, i have the latest flash player,
    cleared my cache and cookies and is the only page i have open, i have disabled background programmes,
    defragged,well everything, how can i improve this on my end, i can only get 4 hits on a world boss through how slow this app runs.
    Please advise on what i can do as no matter which browser i use i keep getting high memory usage warnings.
    I am on Google Chrome.

    On a second note, we could really do with a 2nd battleground, 12 hours after the 1st one, as half the server
    cant get honor due to timezones.

    Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    actually, what's your laptop spec?

    wartune may be a browser game, but its not a html game and quite a realtime interactive, so it might be taxing on your gpu n ram etc.

    as for battleground timing, yeah i agree too. i cant attend any of the 3 battleground timings during weekdays. (its 11am, 8am, 4am for me, and im working on 8-5 basis daily). i wouldnt mind they do something similar to arena. instead of insignia rate at 80/win and 30/loss, make it 40/win and 15/loss and have it at 2 timing. Same for honor /shards gain etc etc


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      Try this.
      Cerden - Knight of Warlords on Edena Village


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        Also, once you load your game and it is in a separate window, make sure to close the other tab that has the Wartune main page. Any background webpages, especially wartune's, will impact the performance of the game.
        Cerden - Knight of Warlords on Edena Village


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          Hi there thanks for the replies, i have tried the link cerden recommended to try, but when ever i click the downlod button, it just takes me to a sign up beta page for Razer lol so i am still trapped.

          I followed another link on the forum which showed to disable 1 plug in and install another, but the shock wave didnt load.

          Right now i have 2 pages open, wartune main game page and this thread and the shockwave flash is using 338k, thats insane.


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            Ya, so when the game loads. Close the mainpage. Also, I guess Razer now owns that program. It's still free and helps a lot on some systems.
            Cerden - Knight of Warlords on Edena Village


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              im using asus, i3 380, 2gbram, radeon HD6470m, win7 ulti 32bit sp1, latest chrome. i can open 2 tab simultaneous n have very minimal lag. even my gpu temperature only 120-130F.
              maybe theres problem with ur hardware or driver.
              try another browser.
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