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Daily login rewards question

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  • Daily login rewards question

    So i`ve been playing wartunes for about a week now and I seen to recall that during the first 7 days that I played, there was a button beside my name that said " daily login rewards" but now that the first 7 days are over, that button is not there anymore.
    So my question is, where did the button/ my daily rewards go? or is it only for the first 7 days you play and you dont get anymore?

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    Login rewards are only for the first week, after that the only rewards you get for logging in are the check-in rewards on certain days of the month.
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      So after 26 days of check-in you get no more rewards at all?
      What if I skip a day? Will that reset the check-in timer to 0 again and will I get rewards?


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        no it doesn't reset but you miss the chance to get that 26 day check in. i also noticed that the autocheck in doesnt work as most people think that if you are vip it will automatically check you in. it doesnt. My suggestion is to log on each day if only for that reason
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