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I Love you r2games

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  • I Love you r2games

    I just wanted to take the time out of my day to let you know that you're a terrible company r2games. If your pay to win type enviroment wasn't enough you had to ruin my server (488), you merged us with 3 servers much older and much stronger than us, I WAS ranked 15 ish in level and 20 ish in strength, now I'm not even close to top 100. Spent 2 months working and trying to become stronger on my server, and now it was all for naut. **** you r2games, NEVER do this again, if you merge servers, first of all MAKE SURE THEY NEED A MERGE, and second make sure that the merge is FAIR, 488 isnt even a thing anymore, these other servers just devoured it. Thanks so much r2games, I'm glad thats theres no point in me playing a game I once enjoyed. L2gamecompany......kthxbai

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    If 488 was devoured means it was weak to begin with. We got merged to a 4 months older server and I just lost 20 places in rankings. Many from my original server are still in top 100. It all depends how active players are. Don't dispare just let 1 month pass, see how many are still active after. You'll be surprised.
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      A while back my server got merged with one 4 months older as well. Wasn't a big deal. Though it was a pain to go from top 5 strongest to like 15th.
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