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Hades for mage | What skills and passives to buy?

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  • Hades for mage | What skills and passives to buy?

    I would like to hear your opinions on HADES sylph for MAGES.

    So the story is there are these Imperial Chests at the moment, by opening them you have a chance to get a Hades or Apollo. Few days ago I've bought some balens to buy some chests and lucky me I got a Hades.
    I really like this sylphs' design, especially while he is not awakened. But the problem is I've never owned it before and I'm not sure what skills and passives I should consider as 'worth buying' (because I have no experience).

    By default I was given these skills/passive:
    1. Shadow Strike
    2. Devour Soul
    3. Delphic - Endless Engulf
    4. (passive) Dementia

    I've already bought one passive, which is
    5. (passive) Malediction of Shadow

    So now I need 2 more skills and 1 more passive to buy. What would be your suggestions?

    What's left is
    1. (passive) Abyssal Shield
    2. (passive) Tainted Blood
    3. Orcus' Blessing
    4. Devil's Gaze
    5. Haunt
    6. Sinister Riot
    7. Death's Harvest
    8. Awe
    9. Pristine Force
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    Any level 70 skills you can't get, unless you have Aegis.. just saying...
    Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

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      For your Hades:
      Devil's Gaze - 230%+200 physical damage (pretty strong single target) and decreases the healing effects on the target by 50%. Pretty nice sill and strong damage.
      If you realy want to buy, you can get Abyssal Shield, which decreases the chance of receiving crit by 5%.

      Awe - 221%+3875 physical damage (random single target, unlike what description says). Reduce enemy's awakening points by 300. Pretty useful. Helps me a lot in ToK NM. Used wisely, can prevent ToK enemy from using Delphic.
      Death's Harvest - 185%+2576 physical damage (area of effect skill). Not really strong but applies debuff to all enemies +5% damage received for 2 turns.
      Tainted Blood - increase your MDEF by 5% when attacked. Can stack up to +30%. Lasts 3 turns. Not bad skill, comes in handy against MATK sylph owners.

      I bought Devil's Gaze and Awe. Would like to buy Death's Harvest, but then I would end up with 4 skills with 45s cd and 1 skill with 15s cd and Aegis is the only sylph I'v invested in so far, so I use it everywhere. Those cooldowns would be really nasty in World Boss.
      From passives, I bought Malediction of Shadow (that Chaos-like sometimes helps) and Tainted Blood (thanks to this, I'm a bit less prone to Hercules owners).


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        What do you mean DeathTh3Kid?


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          Originally posted by F00GLT View Post
          What do you mean DeathTh3Kid?

          To use purple skills/lv70 ones you need to evolve your sylph first.