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A slight modification to Fishing.

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  • TheRedTurtle
    started a topic A slight modification to Fishing.

    A slight modification to Fishing.

    You know on that city screen, there's a big giant green area in the south east with nothing going on?

    How about putting a pond in there? A pond that is upgradeable for gold, just like the cottage or what have you.

    And as you upgrade to you get access to more fish.

    So level 1-10, would only have the blue fish
    11-20 would have blue and orange.. etc
    and at level 31 you have all the fish. and then leveling beyond 40 means the fish give progressively higher rewards,

    (level 1 gold chest eventually becomes something more by the time the character reaches the end game levels)

  • rangelaeyes
    My suggestion

    Reach Fishing lv 1 or higher; Remove fishing. Boom, problem solved.

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