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    i'm a free player and i not help many guilder because i lose hp and i not receive a reward.

    should be so in stead... :

    1) not lose hp when you go to help the others without attemp
    2) give 10/15k gold for each boss beated when you stay helping.

    who would get power of healing only for help the others? no one buy them for help the others. so is really useless lose hp without attemp.

    i understand if we lose hp when we have us attemp. ok i not have nothing to tell.

    i would help mine guilder but i lose too gold so for buy heal potions.

    result: no one help= players not play for many time at this game and spend much less balens.

    dear wartune, are you sure that you would lose really many players only for this? if you gain a bit more of balens for this actual method with heavy casher, you lose REALLY many cashers because they leave the game before.

    result less players in servers and too useless work for do too server merges because these become half empty.

    50/65k gold as reward for each mpd helped not is too . and not is hard and long add these things
    every hero has his hamster!

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    I definitely agree, one shouldn't lose HP while doing mpds without attempt. I'm sure this would help people a lot. There are many non-cashers and VIP players, who don't have Spirit Convenant or enough gold to waste it for HP pots.


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      For your first suggestion, I agree. For the second, I don't see that happening.