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    For Cross Server, it is time to split the 55+ into groups. I understand that originally there was not a lot of +65 toons but at this point there are plenty. A level 55 could spend the entire battle hitting a level 70 and not kill him.

    Every time I join a Cross Server, the majority are 65+. You have a whole group of 55-65 that aren't even bothering to join as it is not any fun to run to your death 15 times.

    I would suggest making the split 45-60, 61+. With the addition of totems and dragon souls, even the difference from a 59 to a 60 is quite great.

    Hopefully you are already considering this update.

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    No idea what you're talking about.
    The Battleground ranges are: 30-40, 35-44, 40-49, 45-54, 50-59, 55-64, 65-74, 70-80.
    Also, originally it was just 1-39, 40-80, not cross server, though


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      Are you talking about BG or 3v3? Due to typing my response, the brackets have been posted above. You're sneaky . For 3v3 arena, it happens. My team went from being in double digit wins every day to barely getting above the .500 mark (8+ wins). Reason being we keep running into the same team over and over again and get slaughtered.As for BGs, if they choose to scour through the certain BG brackets slaughtering everyone just because it makes them feel good, then they can. It is sadly becoming common to see people like this. Players do what they want with their characters and we can't do anything against it.