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God descent on working days ? Oo

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    Originally posted by R27434449 View Post
    gods descent an archer paradise on my realm :/
    same on mine realm .....and I bet on all realms


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      on my server as well Archers hold the top spots for God's Descent AND World Boss...
      Kabam S12
      Crit Mage
      **Hercules 72k
      Sacred Knight 225k


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        Originally posted by Alptraume View Post
        on my server as well Archers hold the top spots for God's Descent AND World Boss...
        Kabam server 2 us west has a knight that holds to spot on gods descent


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          my server top 1 and 2 are knights atm and 3rd is a mage


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            Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
            I think the main issue is with the usual ppl who are online at the min the event starts might not be able to do so on a weekday as compared to a weekend. They should've held it last weekend so that we all could've done it and still have the stuff b4 fact no amount of balens will get you that first kill rewards if you aren't the first to kill it due to being away at work while others in diff timezone probably are already home from work or kids with parent's CC and on school holiday to play all day...
            If you are away at work at midnight on a weekday you have nothing to complain about in regards to the scheduling of this event... stop stripping and get a normal job :P


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              I saw an archer kill two of the bosses at 3am server time. I could not sleep so I came on to do some CQs which does send me to sleep. The highest play with BR is a mage it was 110k a few days ago.

              Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.