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world chat and congratulation messages

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  • world chat and congratulation messages

    Please, stop with all the "congratulations to XXX for obtaining a lvl 3 gem", etc. Because of all those congratulations messages, it is completely impossible to chat in the world, or to get a party when you need it, because the chat is full of all these stupid messages

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    +1, it conflicts the fish help, dungeon help and also for BG chat which i find it pointless
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      I think it is should be reserved for higher level rewards or set it so the first reward is displayed and then ignores the rest.

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        ^^, none cares if someone gets a level 3 gem from 1-3 pack ><
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          100% true, no ones care about lvl 3 gems lol

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            +1 this. It's super annoying when let's say someone gets like 4k of the gem packs and all you see for 15 minutes straight is gem pack spam.
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              I agree.
              The congratulations system message things should only be for special events. For example, a player giving another player a bouquet of 99 or 999 roses. For superior things, that people may actually want to congratulate others on. Level 3 gems? It may have been something to congratulate someone on a few years back, but now it's just boring.
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                +1 check here too for this and another simple suggestion



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                  +1, Hades seal, Apollo seal, Mounts, even crypt keys I can understand, but not the darn gems... several times you put fast invite out, and someone opens 1-2k of those


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                    there is a system tab at the top of chat we could click on if we wanted to see this, but NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THIS OR THE DAMNED PURPLE ADS!!!!!!!. Take this **** off and it will help tremendously with game play and decrease lag. Guild chat outside of guild chat window is impossible. Also for all of us who play through face book, i think i speak for everyone when i say get rid of the damned cut scenes that allow you to post to facebook. The only time people do this is by accident.


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                      Naturally they've done nothing with this suggestion, despite the fact that it's something virtually everyone wants to have implemented. It's impossible for us to give less of a damn about somebody getting a common item like a Lvl3 gem. And few things are more annoying than when a party is trying to communicate but our chat gets wiped out by somebody opening 2k worth of gem packs. There's a "System" tab on the chat box for a reason, why must system announcements about gem packs & such show up no matter which tab we've selected? If I select "Party" it's because I want to only see party chat. If I select "Guild" it's because I want to only see guild chat. If I select "World" it's because I only want to see world chat. If I want to see everything, I'll click the "All" tab for God's sake.