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honor what honor who honor please

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  • honor what honor who honor please

    everyday i hear from players that do arena during day that play in morning hours and have saved 1000s of insigs but cannot upgrade gear due to night work or rl issue that cannot make it to bg.i think you guys should make some other way of gain honor for these playersyou could make quest or add honor to arena that allows player to get champion rank so they can spend their 1000s insigs to upgrade gear.having 1 hour out of a possible 24 hours to gain honor is not good please r2 help these players.
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    Yeah, agreed, I work during bg. Seems like it is a major part of the game since I need it to purchase the lvl 45 pvp set and cannot. Even worse, the trinket you get for your honor lvl increases your dmg and your endurance and reduces dmg taken (almost equivalent to the 3 astrals even at lower lvls). Seems pretty crucial to the game to do bgs and if i and unable to do them soon, I dont see much point to continue playing....


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      i +1 this.

      to R2: your 2 arena time has backfired, 2 bg times coming soon
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        Yeah and they'll nerf the rewards for that. Amazing.


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          +1 idea, just need to come up with ways. The more ways the more ideas the more things could possibly come along.


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            +1 and this should be posted in Suggestion section
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              yea I agree also as long as they don't nerf up BG like they did with arena. This game is turning out to be a full time job with out pay instead of a fun game to play in your past time. So either pay us to play this game :P or be more liant on things to achieve certain goals. So it doesn't seem like a chore. We shouldn't have to feel that we need to play every single day and hour just to keep up with the rest. We should be able to take a few days off and still be able to get what we want in this game in the end. Right now if you miss a day you are basically behind and it's a pain to catch back up.


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                quest arena campaigns multis dungeon boss kills anything going on that the normal player does you can add honor to and you make it only go to champion rank so they can gear up once your a champion you can then only gain honor from bg.this would make alot of players very happy
                Arguing on the internet is like running Something... Even if you win, you're still Loved


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                  i agree with this too, i can't do battle ground cuz that time is 9-10am my time, which is when i'll have to be at work, so i can do bg only once a week and that sucks, people could easily say, okay fine, change server, get a server that matches with ur time, but aw come onnn, its a global game, i got friends in this server, also worked a lot into building my player up
                  i suggest make 2 bg times, like 2 arena times