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    i am sick of having to result to soloing temple of kings easy because everyone has tok nm and u only get 1 attempt so they cant help u to pass hard even when the time comes i spoke with 2 r2gm zeus and enyo zeus was not helpful and enyo suggested i tryed tok hard/nm descussion facebook page i joined the group and posted a request as nice as possible and they told me to f/off theyr fed up with people asking to undress so i said explain to me why the page name is tok hard / nm descussion if we cant and just delete my post then they kicked me aswell as telling me i was an idiot and so on id like to bring it to ur attension the short time i was there they were posting links to autoclick systems and other cheating methods aswell as information regarding events and updates in the next few months which from me asking enyo about tok being removed at some point in the future since china has it removed she said she cant give such information out so why are they on this group on facebook ? i would like this **** investigated and also i want something done with temple of kings ive been a loyal vip member for 2 year and on 2 chars aswell as cashed on 3 diffrent chars enough to buy myself a new car and i expect some results for wat ive given to this company and game id like a poll put together to see if we can just have all tok levels undressed perm without the top 16 players having to undress or not to get rid of the stupid manipulation it causes so many problems and if it does get taken out will r2 compensate all the players who didnt get to do tok nm since they cant get any help due to everyone being selfish dont care and only get 1 attempt i am lvl 73 mage with 102k br and i see lvl 49's some lower 15k br to 60k br doing tok nm since they have manipulated the system i dont think it is fair or right and something needs to be done about it i demand a poll to fix the issue either way i want it fixed even if its just take tok out tomorrow i will be happy since it will end this **** manipulation and unfair advantage over other players even me being a casher and people maon cashers have advantages i can tell u 1 thing no they dam well dont i am busy working and spending time with family and hardly play as much as any other i just cash to keep myself happy not to be the best and i aint even in top 100 br ranks on my server either i expect some results for this soon thanks

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    andy is right!

    time to let the other lower people give an chanse.


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      well, hope that attempt option also applied for tok, like for spire n MPD
      so u can help others even without attempt

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      Ordinary person with extraordinary imagination


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        I may have read a lot more of the opening post if punctuation had been used.

        If you have been playing for 2yrs, then you would have had plenty of time to pass tok Hard when they were undressed, as all those lower BR players your saying did. If you did not clear the hard level when the chance was there, then it is nobody's fault but your own.