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Gems and Collect All

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  • Gems and Collect All

    I have 2 suggestions.

    1) Please make a "Collect All" button available so we don't have to click 1000's of times during whip, SC, etc., type events.

    2) Please remove the System Congratulations from the feed. It's extremely annoying and you lose important chat feeds. No one really cares how many level 3 gems someone else received.

    Doesn't sound too difficult, does it?


  • #2
    Aye aye, captain!

    I totally agree with both. Collect all saves people bunch of thousands clicks. And some people lag while doing it so it takes even more.

    And on the second suggestion, i get that some system congratulations for some things are in order but for lvl 3 gems? Seriously? No, we don't need that.


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      same here ..i agree with what brut and maloris is saying


      • #4
        if my math is right i have now clicked collect and train 5143 times today. Please give us collect all


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          Or at the very least a tenfold reward (x10). Just by this would cut down a lot (2k >200, 5k >500).
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            Yeah, this is crazy. For the people that have been playing for years, I wonder how many mice they have gone through.

            If you want to see how many times you click your mouse in a days time, there is a piece of software that keeps track of your mouse clicks. Without doing any events and doing the normal stuff, you will easily get up to 10,000 clicks.


            • #7
              my mouse has a button i program .... i can program it for however many clicks i want
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