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Memos cost

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  • Memos cost

    Its sorry to charge a guild leader balens to send memos to guild members. memos keep guild strong and sane lol so why charge balens, to guild Leader?? why not just USE guild wealth to pass memos through Guild Leader. seems only right!!! guss Im so, wrong, Guild Leaders don't care ??? or guildees. reason im so upset about courrant coast of memos is that it should not fall on the GL sholders. and memos is just to make sure everyone in guild gets whats going on. so charge the guild not the messenger
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    Great suggestion.

    Agreed, the option to send "mass mails" to all members for free, or 100 gold for every member, should exist. Even if there is a limit to one free mail daily that would be great change.

    The current balen charge is quite high, and I don't know anyone that uses it.

    You could even imagine a system where the Guildmaster can send mails to only AGM, or AGM/Officer, or everyone.
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      My Guild Master just tells everyone to check announcements when there is something that needs conveyed. Another way is to spread it in Guild Chat every now and again to everyone whenever they get online. Both methods don't cost a single balen


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        But unfortunately they are as efficient as their cost : zip.
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