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Disgusted and annoyed

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  • Disgusted and annoyed

    I gotta admit ... I really don't know what to think about this game anymore. As much as I like playing I have never played a game that it appeared the Ad min of the game hated the players. This is why I think that .....

    Last Gods Descent event I managed to clear the 3rd or 4th lvl .... this event I am going to have to fight just to clear 1st lvl .... and I have raised 20K BR since last event. I know it is easier to adjust the game instead of continually developing new content for the monsters that are playing but come on , you are shutting out 100 cashers to keep 3 happy. not to mention the free players (which we all know you care nothing for)

    This game is so lopsided towards the higher lvl guys it isn't funny anymore. Yes, I understand that the higher we get the more we have to spend to regear our character so you want us to lvl up as fast as possible but some of us actually want to be able to stand a chance in arena / battle ground before we get to a "doorway" level.

    And while I am venting anyways ..... this garbage of "in game luck" is exactly that .... **. Sure I can spend the cash on Mahra to get my sylph up to purple , I can even spend the money to make sure she has the skills I want.... But I will not do that if I cant get the star tears or the star sand to complete the refining process. you have the numbers tweaked so bad I am lucky to get ANY tears or Sand each day but I have no problems at all getting Mahra AND Seps AND usually stones daily.
    even this would not bother me so much if there were not players working on their 3rd .... yes I said 3rd refinement. The way you have it I will still be working in my 1st refinement 3 months from now.

    Sorry guys , I really dont care how much you love my wallet .... If it was not for how much I have already spent I would be gone already. You aren't getting more until I get my sylph refined provided I don't find another game in the meantime that actually wants players who have a budget.

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    <-- tomorrow i will get my Gaia to Hercules and i spent 1.5k BB since gods descent.. maybe u dont play much as i do but i am sure its just needs time..
    just make sure u know this, its a game for f-u-n if u think alot about it or u give it much importance than it needs its going to be the worst game u ever played so just chill ^^
    Name: Executioner
    Class: Critical Knight
    Sylph: Hercules **
    Server: S42 (Kabam)
    Currently Battle Rate: 251K
    Guild: Paradox


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      on the average ..... the first 4 hours after reset and a couple hours during 2nd arena and GB so about 6 hours a day doing the majority of events. I totally agree , this game should be about fun and I enjoy playing most of the time ( only reason I am still around) but that is kind if hard to do when you don't stand much of a chance during any event with other players.

      I am a lvl 70 mage 115K BR with my lvl 60 gear so I have spent plenty of time working on this character.


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        It didnt really feel any harder than last time so far to me though, hmm


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          surely no diffference, your char stat changed making you feeling harder or something else

          last time I stuck at GD L15, and now I alr passed L19
          SERVER: Kong Server 4 Oceanic (others see us as Kong-S6)
          IGN: Kimwong
          CLASS: Knight
          PLAYER TYPE: Light casher
          BATTLE RATING: 300K - 420K range
          Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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            +1 to your problem ,
            this is one of thing i was trying people to understand
            I'm Cupcaked ! My Account got hacked and some cupcaker sold every thing. Blah !!!
            and R2 Not helping with restoring the account. Sweet, This is what i put tons of money here .


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              Wartune is really cupcaked.

              I am 120k BR level 64 mage, and I find it hard to even enter the top 20 for God's Descent. Anyway, even if I am top 20 i only get 30 star tear shards. What is the stupid use of this? Stupid event.

              I hate it that I can't refine my sylph, and I don't want to recharge USD500 to refine my sylph. Let's all quit wartune.


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                Wait.. You're a casher that spent "too much to leave already"..and you have problems beating the first boss