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no trade options = canceling game

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  • no trade options = canceling game

    Everyone understood that the game is made ​​to force you to give money as many and therefore, there is no the option of trade, as in any other game.
    Even the base prices, imposed by force from those who run the game, you can not sell them.
    In these conditions of dictatorship, the only option is to not do arena party and that's not good.

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    Trade availabilty would allow players to trade items without full publisher's supervision.
    Players would be allowed to trade items not only for in-game currency (balens), but also with real cash.
    The system would have to have a few features to prevent players from such practices. So far, those come to my mind:
    • Auction system, where everyone can make the bets
    • Restriction on the minimum auction time, so one player would never be sure if he is the only buyer