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  • Apollo Sylph

    A new method to get blue apollo sylph is to put in ItemShop with 1500 Balens (15$) for a short time like during an event. like 20 days or less like 3 days . I will buy it with 1500 balens but not more.
    Watcha say?

  • #2 think Apollo worth less than a +10 mount? (which cost 1995 balens in the shop btw)
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      I agree, it would have to be more expensive, but overall not a bad idea.
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        all lvl 80 players get automat a blue apollo sylph and in ItemShop with 1500 balens ?? What do u say??


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          or L5 getting essence for apollo sylph. for 100 , u'll get one


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            No less than 6k balens -_-..
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              How about we can barter any sylph we want with about 1: 10 each level kind of sylph.
              These issue can be do it to for mount.
              How about that, so a n on casher can had opportunity to but need more time only.


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                Originally posted by M1ster99 View Post
                or L5 getting essence for apollo sylph. for 100 , u'll get one
                Not a bad idea, i wouldn't mind that but i think it should be about 250-350 since 100 for some of the higher players would be way too easy and all it would take for lower players is some get one of the strongest sylphs.
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