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What R2 should do to make everyone happy?

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    Give us 9999 stacks, and all will be happy, at least for a while.

    A lot of us is now resorting to mail vault, keeping things in the mail, and this is not a happy situation.


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      Honestly the best way to go about it is take away cashing items and go the same route RuneScape did. Have people pay for VIP for like 75% more game play, so therefor they can still make a bunch of money as most people can afford VIP if there's no other way to spend money. Just make all things that cost available then make it to where certain events are VIP only but don't make them the events that give best rewards either. Gotta do a bit of splitting up to please both parties. This is just my opinion but I might be the only person who liked RS (well before August '07 when the killed WIldy.... RIP :'()


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        i see many people is happier now.. the stacks given.. more awesome event coming our ways. etc etc

        but am sure there's still room for improvement from R2.. : ) share it share it..
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