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We want a new GMT+8 time frame server not

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  • We want a new GMT+8 time frame server not

    Dear Wartune developers , admin,

    Sadly u guys keep on making new server but u didnt bother to make 1 for east asia server ( exact opposite of PDT servers) Hope you guys will consider making 1 for east Asia before the server 35 as u say will be the last one will come.. You current GMT server really sux on us here for Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and malaysia players.. who the hell could play arena at 3am, battle ground at 4am and last world Boss at 5am? Please consider, that we might be in east asia but the Hell we can also afford buying Balens..

    More power Dev team.
    please consider

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    They do not have the claim to make a asian server at this time. This is due to licensing issues with the chinese version that actually owns the game.


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      Very agree!


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        If you are not close to the US or UK you should try a Chinese Server if you are in the region, I do not have links and/or references to help you find them.