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failure of GM to comply with issues in game and billing issues in a timely manner

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  • failure of GM to comply with issues in game and billing issues in a timely manner

    I got banned from my server, because of a took gm time to tell me...yet they lock my account and i am a paying customer....yet they were quick to lock me out of my account instead of getting back with, none of these GM.s are answering.....Do I get a refund for your staff's incompetence, since i did pay back the recharge when i found out where it occurred from.....yet my account is still locked.

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    What platform do you play on, and what is your ticket number?
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      wartune201 [#982864]


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        Still have heard nothing from ANY GM to rectify this problem.....


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          I checked this ticket number at out support but came out empty, meaning you are at the wrong provider to get your answers.
          check what your web address is when you are logged in to see where you got to go.
          if you or anyone has further questions please feel free to PM me or any other moderator.

          Kind regards Liquid_oxygen

          then click on ¨click here¨
          then click on support


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            Well, no one will answer, and i paid back the recharge yesterday, and still banned from my account.....just shows that the GM's are not doing their jobs


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              Ticket #982864
              Ticket Status: Open
              Department: Billing
              Create Date: 07/21/2014 12:33 am
              Name: Ronin26

              Game wartune
              Server 201
              What's the problem? 5. Billing & Payment Questions
              Date of problem 2014-07-20 11:31:00
              Game account ronin26
              Summary of problem saying i have a charge back and i am sure i have been a paying customer
              Transaction ID

              Ticket Thread
              07/21/2014 12:33 am
              Can you email me my payments list of where the recharge occurred from?
              07/21/2014 3:49 pm Gm gm
              "Dear player,
              Sorry for responding late.
              This is customer service from Wartune, sorry to bother you here.
              We are writing this letter to inform you about the refund issue
              that we found in your account on our system record. (In total: $19.99 USD)

              For the security of your transactions, we have no choice but to lock your payment page first, for which we hope you can understand.
              We'd like to know the reason for the refunded transactions
              and if there is any help we can offer here to solve it.

              If you do not know about the transactions, we will offer the details here
              and suggest you to contact your payment channel about this problem.
              Because sometimes the payment account will not update the refund record in time,
              for which we have a lot of players who just have the same situation until they contact the payment channel.

              If you are ok to pay it back, we suggest you to use ""sendmoney"" function of paypal
              or ask for your friend's paypal to pay it back to our paypal email address:
              substitutional address:
              And please offer us the following information for us to confirm with it.
              1. transaction ID
              2. transaction date
              3. your paypal account
              After we confirm about transaction, we will release your account.
              Thank you for your understanding and your support to our game.

              Attachment is your refunded transaction and the method to contact facebook payemnt.
              Thank you for your support.
              tranction ID refund time amount
              521689111276647 2014-06-16 11:30:07 PDT 19.99


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                This is the letter they sent me.....and i paid to still am banned from my account


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                  Originally posted by R23183520 View Post
                  This is the letter they sent me.....and i paid to still am banned from my account
                  Do you play on Facebook? If so, your issue is with Proficient City, not R2. Completely different publishers so R2 can't do anything for you.