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Sylph question

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  • Sylph question

    Hello gamers.

    I am archer and I'm mostly using Iris as Sylph. However, I see players weaker than me that are more stronger when they transform into Iris.
    My hero's stats are PATK and Strength based, I ignored my MATK and Intelligence as I am archer. My Sylph stats are Intelligence based.

    My question is this: In order to make my Iris stronger, I need to improve my hero's MATK and Intelligence?

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    No, either then have higher resistances towards water or they simple have higher patk / stronger sylph. As an archer you PATK is whats used when attacking with iris or any other magic attack pet, it just coverts your PATK into MATK basically while you are transformed. Same thing for mages using hades / pan, thier MATK turns into PATK while transformed.


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      Ok, Thank you!