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    100 crit stat = 3% crit chance. how about crit damage how much percentage it has? 100 crit stat = 3% crit damage?


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      Originally posted by Yvonnekl2 View Post
      Base Wartune Damage Calculation

      Below is the basic method of calculation for the basic damage that you can do in Wartune. These are the different factors in the game to calculate the basic attack damage.

      Average Wartune Damage
      Your damage will be a range centered around the damage. The formula is calculated as followed depending on physical or magical attacks.

      Average Wartune Damage = (Attack – Defense)/2

      Damage Range
      The damage range is about 10% below or above the average damage. This means that if you deal an attack to someone in Wartune. Your damage will range between 90% to 110% of the Wartune average damage output obtained from the step above.

      Minimum Damage Calculation
      However, when you have really high defense against the attacker. The attacker will still deal a minimum damage equal to 10% of their PATK or MATK.

      Level Difference and Damage Penalty
      When you attack someone the same level or higher than you, you will receive a 5% damage penalty. It means that you will do 5% less damage. Thus, you should always go after players who have lower level than you to get the full 100% Wartune damage output potential.

      Based on this damage formula for Wartune, for every 2 Attack or 2 Defense, you will deal or reduce damage by average of 1 point. However, because of the minimum damage taken into consideration, you will have to put points into health as well to overcome the minimum damage. In addition, you can take a look at our Wartune Best Strong player guides for more tips on how to make your character stronger.

      Critical Rate Consideration

      The Critical stats in Wartune affect both the Critical damage as well as the rate of critical. To approximate the amount of damage based on Wartune Critical attacks. You can use the following approximation:

      For every 100 points in crit, you increase the crit chance by 3%. However, earlier points will increase your crit chance considerably more often.

      The critical damage starts at roughly 50% additional damage and move toward 75%~100% as more critical stats are added to your Wartune character. However, earlier points also make bigger influences in the Wartune critical damage.

      How About Block

      Blocking works in the similar fashion as the critical attack in Wartune. As you increase your block rating, you will improve the chance blocking as well the amount of damage blocked. We estimate every 100 points in block is 3%. In addition, the range of damage blocked is from 30%~70% depending on how many points that you have.

      Skill Damage Consideration

      Most of the skills can do more damage usually based on a certain percentage of your attack. However, some do a fixed point damage such as Knight’s intercept that does 1500 damage at level 2. Take advantage of these skills that do a good fixed point attack. They are especially important against players who have good defenses.

      This should be stickied and Yvonne deserves a medal for sharing this wisdom with us! This is basic knowledge needed to perfect your build whatever your class is!
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        The crit/block % is wrong.

        Also, I'm moving this to the general discussion thread (This should not be posted in Beginner's FAQ section).
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          Yvonne's post is taken from here:

          It is already stickied.
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