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    I havn't played for very long and my opinion here my be wrong, but I feel I should put my pov in here and see what people think. This is just a quick list of things I see wrong with each class.

    -----------------------------Class Balancing-----------------------------
    1) Nothing yet...

    1) Nothing yet...

    1) Multi shot shouldn't hit the same target twice.
    2) I've noticed Archers get "free" attacks in Arena 1v1.
    3) They are basically Tanks with Cannons equiped.

    I don't mean to rag on archers...only class I havn't played. I feel mage and war are fine. The front load and sustained damage of Archer is insane. Extremely strong single target dps. Strong multi target dps. Weak AoE. They have no "down" time. They seem to be just as tough as knights with three times the damage or more. I know some of these things change at different lvl gaps...but for the most part 1-40 this holds true from my pov.

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    There should be more classes like: Druid, Paladin, Shaman


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      i say nothing is wrong with any class i say there all balanced but i agree with Racksha
      there should be more classes
      but i believe if theres going to be more classes they will all have to be rebalanced

      Healer-skills:Heal/Blessing/Holy Light/Zap
      Paladan-Skills:Holy Light/Stab/kick/Shield/
      Black Tauren-skills:Stomp/Charge/Throw/Boulder Smash

      Add Some Dark Classes.
      Necromancer-Skills:Summon Skeleton or Zombie/lighting/earthquake/Evil Eyes
      Demon-Skills:Evil Eyes/Dark Hole/Push/Fire
      Headless Knight (without the Horse): It's An NPC but it Would Be a Awsome Dark Class
      I Help In Anyway i can.