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Sylph skills

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  • Sylph skills

    Finaly when i get my evolved sylph. I buyed thous 2 new skills for hercules well suprice suprice when i change my skills i lost my delphic and jupiter. Ouh well that now supricing me becose r2 allways stole you money. Well i try to buy thous skills back and r2 take away my 2 new buyed skill. AND DONT TRY TO FEED ME THAT BULL **** IS RANDOM I KNOW THAT ****. But its riciles when everyone else just lose they **** skills and i waste my money for nothing. SO WHEN R2 IS GOING TO CHANGE THAT **** AND LET US CHOOSE WHAT SKILLS TO LOSE?

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    same thing happened to me,


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      that's why i haven't bought new skills. too dangerous ;(
      RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
      Wartune : NonoBoulot : S181 : Archer


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        Did u expect an update that is not shi.t? tztz There are so many retarded things in this game but the way we must replace old skills with evolved skills might just be number one retarded thing i've seen. I mean you pay money for your normal skills then you pay again for the evolved skills but u cant place them on your sylph skill bar unless it randomly replaces another skill that possibly u paid for? After opening all new skill slots we should be able to replace whatever the f.k we want as we paid for it. OMG pure highway robbery.
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