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  • Rage

    This thread isn't super important, just pointing out the fact i was about to collect my 27 day check in bonus right at about 5:00 am today, i didn't know it reset monthly so basically i missed it by minutes. Its not that im in rage mode over 9000!!! about that though. Its the fact its not clearly stated anywhere in the game. Please give me my bonus, i have been looking forward to it for a month, I wouldn't care as much if it was stated somewhere in game. So please give me my bonus or add a clearly stated warning/ statement saying it refreshes monthly, or both, or none. Idk im gonna go eat a burrito in the mean time.
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    There have been many posts about this.

    The log-in rewards resets monthly. Why?
    Because it gives people a reason to log in every time that month with having a chance to obtain these FREE items every month consecutively.


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      I had a feeling but no way of knowing, i had it down to two options, either it continues and gets better and goes more than a month or it just resets.


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        If they were to continue it every day without a reset they probably would only have it obtainable once. So if you miss the last day, yes it sucks but you got all the free stuff from before that.


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          I didn't mean an infinite loop, just didn't know if it was longer than a month, which should be stated in game regardless. Also for all i knew at the time it was only obtainable once. No offense but im not here for a conversation and what could have been talk. BTW it wasn't free i earned it.
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            Actually the same happened to me last month on 8 day log in on S2 ... It would be nc if there wasnt 1 month limit
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              I like the limit, i just wish i knew about it b4 i neglected to get my bonus due to not knowing that.