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This is not the real wartune link (see inside)

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  • This is not the real wartune link (see inside)

    A troubling website has come to my attention thanks to dragon1c.

    The website here - is not r2's website.

    *edited* might be a worthwhile version, i dont know and request for this thread to be deleted
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    Dont be carefree ppl ... This is the link showing 2nd or 3rd on google search of "wartune"

    There is a possibility to be setup by someone to pick your account infos and delete/steal your items !
    Game: Wartune [Last Update: 6/10/2012]
    Server: S2- Edena Village
    IGN: SgtClaire [VIP lvl 3]
    BR: 19.262 LvL 39 4/4 Parts of Arena Armor
    Guild: Divine
    Contribution: 20.290
    If you have any problem related to R2Wartune game, dont 't be afraid to file a ticket


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      I don't think that's a scam site. I think that's another site that has the rights to publish the game. Wartune was not created by R2 games.
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        7Road of China made Wartune. They sold licenses to use the game to multiple vendors in America. ************ and are two of them.


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          Might be worth checking out see how they do, if anything else at least will make a new acc.
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            Different platforms. Same game, different provider. The games are not linked and offer different updates and events each week.

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