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    Originally posted by R285876909 View Post
    If you're not a cashier you can't rush levels, or you will be destroyed. I only vip and got hades, but it's still not powerful as the dedicated cashiers sylphs. This game takes a lot of time and dedication on both ends but for people who don't vip and cash it will be 5x more time, people that vip probably 3x (just my guess).
    Even cashers dont rush to level up. I actually got hades this event from a free chest from doing tank battles.


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      Your crying for not getting the sylph from chests is irritating for me... yes, there is a small chance to get it, but to cry because you didn't win that small chance?? Neither did 90% of the players, to my believes, and neither did I.. Should we all make a crying thread because we didn't get it... ?

      Also I don't see anything special about those sylphs anyway.. But I sort of agree rewarding players with a only chance to get something its not nice.