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    if you attack someone in the arena do he get stats boost because he is afk? i am not talking about donators..i am talking about normal players like me,90% of the ppl i fight in the arena have 3200++ p.atk and 2700++ p.def also a highter M.def with same /lower lvl than me...i don't challenge mages since i have very low M.def,and btw archers have even higher stats xD..when i check the infos of these players ,after the battle, most of the time they have lower gears than me and low gems with extremely higher stats than i just want to know if they get a boost or not(i have 2659 p.attack ,2445 p.def and 978 M.def i am a knight lvl 35 for now),so if they don't get any boost,and these stats are normal for them then tell me how they managed to do it with everything lower than me oO?

    1 more thing the astrals they're using are lower than mine or same,only some of them have all orange or mix purple/orange.

    thanks a lots.
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    hidden stat = guild skill
    temporary stat = stats potion/scroll
    strategy based luck = sometimes ur AI is stupid like using same skill 3 times eventho u have enuf rage to unleash your supapowaa skill.
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      i totally forgot about the guild skills since i am not in a guild yet...thanks for your help


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        Just because a player has the same gear as you doesn't mean they have the same stats per gear as you do. Really depends on how you spec your class as well. A knight going crit/patk instead of hp pdef/mdef and going dps will prolly struggle more than a knight who is going tank. Same principle for mages who want to focus on defense and neglect their matk. You spec a class to counter what your class is and you will struggle.

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