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Marriage System (rumors)

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    **** marriage system, we want 9k stacks !!
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      Originally posted by sunshinε View Post
      **** marriage system, we want 9k stacks !!
      Why not both?
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        Originally posted by sunshinε View Post
        **** marriage system, we want 9k stacks !!
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        Good point.


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          Originally posted by Doranos89 View Post
          Why not both?
          sometime.. less is better.. : )
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            Originally posted by BabyBlanket View Post
            Yes 5 things actually

            1. You have to get the engagement ring and wedding ring = balens and gold. Ever month is anniversary u got to enchant the ring
            2. You have to get stronger to protect her from plunders. She will tell you to go get the person who plunder her if you were her "Wartune Man"
            3. Chorus aka Marriage quest = kill goblems at your homestead who entered during the night, pick roses from the edge of town to put them into water, go fishing for food
            4. Romantic time quest = mid night walks in the wild, cuddle time @ slyph farm, holding hands in BG
            5. New patch after that = baby (More protect from plunders, feeding it, stocking up on milk from the shops, and working harder at CQ to provide cause guild wages are low)

            This is what to expect get use to it.
            No wilds in chinese version thus no plunders.
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