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    Given the amount of threads that I've seen requesting Trading Houses, or an Auction system for Wartune. My experience with such systems is that they are easily broken and very easily abused, either through alt accounts or trading/gifting exclusively with friends etc. So this isn't a Trading house or Auction House thread. Also given that we're unlikely to see such a system with ProC and R2 etc not responding to player requests over the last two years for the aforementioned: I doubt we'll see one.

    There is also the problem of items piling up, with many people saving items from past events, or stock piling essentially useless items now (the ToK tokens spring to mind), I figured something needs to be done about this.

    So my solution is: An Equivalency Exchange: Here's a basic premise of how the Equivalence Exhange in theory would work:

    So everything in the game gets assigned a base value (in terms of balens for simplicity): The player puts their unwanted items into the exchange and gets a %age value (85% for example) of the total value back, to exchange for <insert player wanted items here (I had in mind: Mahra, whips, runestones, soul crystals, sepulcrum & VIP tokens amongst other things)> at an inflated balen price, maybe 125% of their normal price. The figures here are for representation only.

    So I'll use the ToK tokens and a Mount training whip as an example so you can see my thinking:
    ToK token: Base Balen value: 0.1
    Mount training whip: Base Balen value: 35

    So you take your 1000 ToK tokens and feed them into the Exchange: Giving you 85 Balens, with which you then purchase a Mount Training Whip for 44 Balens, leaving you 41 Balens saved in the exchange for next time.
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    this makes a lot of sense. for that reason, it'll never happen.


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      This is nice, but dont get me wrong.. R2 giving balens at exchange ? Not in a million years.. Their policy is to make people recharge and spend balens, and give back crappy assistance and a game full of lag and lame bugs. Thats why we wont have auction or something similar to it, because some players will get balens from selling stuffs and R2 wont make any profit from it. But like i said, your idea is very good, unfortunately good ideas are never considered here and die the way they come, fast.
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        I believe the use of balens was just for examples sake. I agree that R2 would never allow players to get real balens in that fashion, though bound balens is not out of the realm of possibility. The problem with auction houses is that groups will tie up popular items and drive the price skywards and people will pay for some odd reason. It all goes back to how much is it worth to you?

        If players could have a personal bazaar to sell unbound items at preset prices not to exceed the price that one could get for simply selling it. In this way, players can get rid of unwanted unbound items and people that have a use for them would have another way to obtain them. If a player wishes to bazaar a bound item then it gets unbound status and sells for a reduced price. Items in bazaar should not count against players inventory but also then can not be prevented from being sold. This is not supposed to be extra storage.

        Just a thought.

        Afterthought: it occurred to me that being able to place bound items into an unbound state could be abused to transfer gears and weapons between players. This would only apply to items that are found in unbound status. If for some reason and unbound item is bound and augmented, it would return to its original stats when returned to an unbound state. All monies spent on augmentation would be lost.
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          if they dont want to give balens, there can be easy implemended another currency or some sort of points if you want used only in this exchange


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            i prefer a sell button in the inventory panel , even 50% balens would be nice for me


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              There is a sell button in the inventory panel as it is. It sells items for gold.

              Let's make one thing very clear. The use of the term "balens" was not to suggest that players be given a means to get game currency that is normally purchased with real time money, it was just used as an example of a random monetary unit.

              That being said, a personal bazaar would differ from the normal sell button by eliminating the item from the players inventory while providing a means to help other players get items that they need. This bazaar system works in other games I have played like Final Fantasy XI Online but the main difference would be that the player does not set the price.


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                Balens is a non-starter with them. But an exchange would be a nice edition. They have the rare exchange events, but there should be a permanent exchange available. Exchange X Soul Crystals for Y Runestones, etc. Or exchange items for crypt tokens or insignia. They'd never ever do balens, but I'd love an exchange to get more insignias.