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Gem & light spamming chat please remove

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  • Gem & light spamming chat please remove

    Cant the Gem opening and the Wild Light PLEASE not be in chat ? It spams the chat and trying to talk OR follow a conversation in guild, MP, anywhere is impossible! Cant it somehow go into SYSTEMS Instead Of EVERY chat there is? I would rather see a player spam that that, I feel it needs changed

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    agree with the "system should be in system chat" or at least give a little box to tick in the game options, since ghost battle and environmental effect are useless (i dont they actually do anything)


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      agreed, they need to remove it or either give us a option to hide it at will.
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        Gem opening spam isnt that bad. Of course it all depends on the size of the gem pack you are opening. The bigger the quantity of items in a pack the less spam there will be. For example, If someone had 40 level 1-5 gem packs there would only be around 1-4 system things that spam because the level 4 and level 5 gems drop less. However if there are 40 level 1-3 gem packs you can expect at least 10 system messages for all to see because the level 3 gems have greater chance of dropping.

        As for the light spam, think of it this way. The whole server can coordinate and know when to not use your divine light. This way can maximize the amount of time the fog is disipated. ONce one runs out, someone else can do theirs and so on. Thus the light spam can be annoying, but is beneficial.


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          at least disable it while in BG... why the heck should I care if someone uses it when I pvp?


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            I am extremely bored of all those Congratulations messages of gems, guild altar, etc. Its really really annoying. Some days, I havent been able to get a party because of that. PLEASE, remove them


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              Nobody wants to see them.
              Sooo...I agree with this suggestion.
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                they also could remove the 100 catacombs ...
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                  Them can well put it into system chat only,

                  World chat should just be world chat, Guild Chat should just be for guildis speaking no other ******* random ****.

                  Every chat room look like all chat room pick up everything in every singel chat so freking buggy.
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