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possible conversion for star tears

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  • possible conversion for star tears

    Is there a way you could implement star tear conversions for the star tears we do not need to the ones we actually need alot of people have been having this problem getting more of the different elelemental tears compared to the one they need to refine their sylphs

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    lol won't happen but something they could consider instead (it's money in their pocket) purified star tear (collect 1,000 essence or so just a rough but round number) +10mil gold and synth together to make star tear electro

    essence being essence from atoll, and since they're so determined to make apollo/hades cash sylphs (IE divinity shards) make the essence for them buyable/exchangeable in hot events (but unexchangable for a sylph seal)

    charge maybe 800-1k balen/bb for each purified star tear