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Guild Cooldown-Team effort with balens

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  • Guild Cooldown-Team effort with balens

    Since it is a joint effort. I would like to see an option to input x ammount of balens to cooldown x ammount of time for the guild cooldown. This way not just heavy cashers can chip away at the time limitations. I think this would actually end up making you more money in the long run and making guilds a bit funner.

    I myself have spent a preety penny on cooling my guild down... which isnt a big deal but alot of my members are light cashers and who wants to toss 3k balens at it when they are trying to play close to free. Just an idea.... thoughts or comments

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    I love this idea! We should have the option to cd with balen in stages maybe? So have the option to pay for a day at a time? I wouldn't even mind if they implemented this, that it only be done with unbound balen (to stop/defer people creating alts to do it).
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      It's definitely not worth spending a single penny to reduce Guild cooldowns.
      The max level cap is pretty low and it would only make a little difference within first 3-4 months of the guild/server life.


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        This has been submitted to the team previously, it was met with a lot of love by players and those on the team, but I do not know if they will ever add it, cause when it goes to the devs it's like putting things in a black hole sometimes... we are pleasantly suprised when something comes back out that we ourselves put in! (it's happened though so who knows) but yeah, great idea.


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          I know on the tos they talk about not allowing alt characters but that doesnt seem to be policed well. I myself have a few on the same server now due to mergers. If anything I think they should allow a cap of 3 characters per server and make it so they cannot contribute bound balens this way..

          Hopefully they will implement it eventually. seems like there just a bit behind trying to meet the needs of the older players first. which is fine but the guild system needs to be enhanced a bit. All that is really happening is people jumping from guild to guild looking for easy rewards. There isnt alot of teamwork with guild cooldowns. no loyalty and really no reason to stay without SOME way of making it a bit more interactive.