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  • getting into a guild

    ive tried now like 4 different servers they are all full or reject every time I try to get in 1 very frustrating to play a game that wont let you in a guild and costs you to make 1 make it free or this game will fail

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    I don't trust that every guild is full

    I would think of personal problem first
    SERVER: Kong Server 4 Oceanic (others see us as Kong-S6)
    IGN: Kimwong
    CLASS: Knight
    PLAYER TYPE: Light casher
    BATTLE RATING: 300K - 420K range
    Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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      Are you trying to start a new character in an old server and try to get into a guild?

      if so... yea, that's what happens, a lot of guild don't want new low players or other players "alts", another reason is because some people actually have "spies" in a rival guild even tho they don't really do anything.

      If you're starting out, it's best to just go into one of the new servers #500+ servers.

      Tho this game kinda sucks for new players with all these new changes and stuff they added since 6 month ago...

      Pretty much if you don't Cash as a new player, you won't get anywhere, especially Bags.