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  • Cache wartune

    WHY the **** cache can't save at all? every single thing astrals to everything it relaods everytime. And full of bugs r2 shouldn't have release new patch if they are not ready. so ♥♥♥♥ stupid.
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    That sounds more like a problem with your cache size to me. Hopefully this will fix your issue.

    In Wartune, right-click anywhere on the game screen and click settings. This should bring up a small box with a few Flash options. You should see 5 small tabs at the bottom of that box, you want the 3rd one, with an icon of a folder (this is the one selected by default for me). In that section you'll see a slider below the question "How much information can store on your computer?" Move that slider all the way to the right so it says Unlimited.

    Note that at Unlimited the game takes up quite a bit of cache space, over 630MB on my computer. Also note you won't see an immediate change, as everything will still need to load before it can be cached.

    As far as bugs and lag .... get used to it, they're likely not going anywhere.
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      Nop.I know that settings putting data storeable to unlimited. It happens only after new patch. And not just me I asked a lot of friends around and it's same for them too.I m from S230,Sylvanas. Wartune took up lots of data in a few hours like 2 gb even for soemone who play a few hours... browser mmorpgs already takes much more data than normal mmorpgs and cache not just too much. Due to unsaved cache it creates soem lag too. Ofc this won't be a problem for countires like singapore and other good net countries..but for countries like india , malaysia.. to get a good net we buy the data quota in Gb.. Necessary stuffs in game already takes up a lot and having to pay around 10$ for a day on net just to do daily runs is freakin stupid. Pretty sure a lot of them have net like mine and they will lose many customers.


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        I agree, it happens to me too. Capturing astrals takes foreverrrrrrr......................... ugh!
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