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    Players that maxed out there soul engraving early in the game are totally shafted with the new Soul Engraving event giving out massive amounts of gems. Last event I got over 4k gem packs giving me, ultimately, 8 lvl 7 gems and a lvl 8. I wasn't even able to use all my soul crystals for engraving. Surely sc exchange should come with gems as well.

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    maybe not as many but I do agree some would be good, considering that you're cashing in loads of sc for whips which ultimately give you gems in the first place.
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      I get arount 15-20k Whisp a month but lets count.

      20k give 4000+800+160+32+6+1 = 4999 lvl 1-3 gem pack

      But for people some not max out Soul Engraze, say them has 25.000 SC a month mabye more.

      Get tons of lvl 1-5 gem pack even if them get 1 x lvl 5 is pay alot of the lvl 3 packs
      And people some not max out it get gem frome both SC + Whisp events with pay out alot more that we get some only have Whisp to spend.
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