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signet training

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  • signet training

    from where can i get now the signet training? is not an item in the spin in login screen

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    You get one daily at 100 Devotion. There may also be some random events in the future that give them, such as Online Bonus, but who knows when/if it'll happen.
    Obsidian, Lv80 Crit Mage (R2-S112)

    Retired, but still lurking forums.


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      perhaps he wanted to know how to get it on updated servers. I would like to know that too. coz theres no more chest given for devotion. now it gives 1 att for a lucky spin..

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        Ahh my bad, keep forgetting some servers are upgraded and most not.
        Obsidian, Lv80 Crit Mage (R2-S112)

        Retired, but still lurking forums.


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          Yes , my server is upgraded.


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            you no longer get 1 at 100 devotion sorry to say Now at 100 devotion you get another spin on the devotion wheel where I dont see any options to win them!!

            PS. sorry i didnt see this thread and just started another 1 about this


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              I too want to know where we are supposed to get them since they are not on the Lucky Draw. R2 should just get rid of the lucky draw and give us back the chest that we used to receive for devotion and the Signet training for reaching 100 devotion. Every time there is an upgrade we get screwed.