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New patch start videos

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  • New patch start videos

    Hi. Like i sayd im going to make 1 or more tutorials about how to play on new patch, because i saw some
    players who say they get stuck on a lvl, or theyr quest cant be completed.

    Hope this will help them, im not a God of wartune, or at tutorials, so i made a fast video record play from start
    till lvl 20, where i got astrals done, cloud city done, mount done. if u know how to make lvl 1-13 skip part I.

    The slowmotions on videos is because video recording program, on new patch i dont have any kind of lag, i only got a balck spot on chat, think is from my flash player.

    If this post breaks forum rules, please a moderator delete it!

    part I from lvl 1-13 :

    part II almost same like part I :

    part III from lvl 14-20 :

    Please ignore the sound interference, and video quality is not good, is enough to see what to do.

    if link's dont work in other country leave a reply here and ill change setings! Hope all new players who have problems resolve them. Good Luck!
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