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fix the chat to always be in the same place

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  • fix the chat to always be in the same place

    it is annoying going into and out of battle to shift where you're chat box is located.
    I have to say it's really annoying to talk to someone when I'm popping in and out of combat (usually doing circuit quests 20+ levels lower than I am). I'm in the middle of talking to someone... oops I have to reselect and retype at least half of what I had typed because the mobs died too fast. and usually I also have to drop whatever page it decided to bring up in the middle.
    It's also really annoying to try and use something while chat screen is "active" I have to un-activate it to open a bunch of chests or use multiples of something heck anything... oops.. clicking on it just put it in the chat screen. Why not for ALL the stuff you "show" in the chat screen do a <shift> click to select it for display.