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wartune 2 years, just my 2 cents

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  • wartune 2 years, just my 2 cents

    Hi all,

    With the anniversary of wartune i'd like to share my thoughts about the game.
    First off, I started playing online games to improve my English, as I'm not native speaking, please refrain from grammer naziisme, just correct me if you feel the need to.

    I started playing 8 months ago, so I'm actually a fresh player, started by clicking an Add spamming me on every site I visited at the time, so you can say their marketing is working.
    Didnt know sjit back then, so ended up playing a female knight.

    At first I ran arround complete clueless, but picked up soon enough.
    Knights do suck under lvl 55, which got me at the point of quiting many times.
    But it got better as time passed by, I made friends, joined a good guild and i started to like it more and more.
    I've played as non cash till i hit lvl 60, then i decided i like it enough to get me Vip and some balens.
    Always been strong enough to run NM MPD for my level, which is a very underestimated game fun detail imo.

    Now for the game, with all the new stuff being added, I have some serious thoughts about the point of some things.
    We all have to build up our defence with gems and astrals and what not to get our Pdef and Mdef up, recently it turned out to be useless for skytrail and gods descent.
    Altho the addition to build up another source of defence isnt that bad, the way we are supposed to get it is a bit lacking.
    From what i see on my server, on the forums, also in cross server rankings, very few people really tend to do maps.
    Not only takes killing a lvl 80 to much time, the running arround to the atol and the little rewards when running green maps dont help to get that to a daily thing.

    Dont know why the mapdude is asking for Berdim's whine, while there is no place to get it.
    I only bought Orange maps when there was an event for it, as i dont think one should pay for such things every day.
    But that might just be my opinion.

    Further more, I have no idea if the inactivity even worries r2, i kinda have the idea they just start new servers to back the exodus of unhappy players up.
    But with a few changes things might turn out different.

    I'm playing on Kabam, where there are little to no server merges, so inactivity is a huge point for those left behind to still enjoy the game.

    Having played multiple online games, I can say the lack of comminication with your own guildies is a huge part of players leaving.
    How on earth is a guildmaster able to reach out to his 100 or more members, with just 4 lines space in guild chat and announcement in the guild overview tab?

    Every game i played before, the guilds or tribes or whatever the game calls it had an internal forum.
    Even the most cheap and crappy games are way ahead of wartune with just that.

    New players dont come to the forums to read guides, they join a guild to gather that info.
    But with all the different timezones playing on servers, that is just a mission impossible.

    Imagine how you could get your Guild really up in strenght, just by posting the standard does and donts, time based appointments for when a MPD party for a certain group of level players start avoid lots of needless wc spamming, frustrated people leaving cuz they cant find a party etc.
    The benefits are countless imo.

    Last thing, the never ending river of new items need to be managable for all players, not only for those whom had the benefits of vouchers or want to spend cahs on opening up slots.
    Its just ridiculous people have to sell valuable stuff to make space for items that will be useless after a few months anyway.

    Well, turned out to be much longer than intended

    Im actually quite sure my suggestions will never reach a dev or some like that, i just felt the need to get it of my chest.
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    well said my good sir, well said.
    Kabam -57 Archer
    Kabam -67 Knight
    Non casher and proud of it.