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Allow conversion of Star Tears

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  • Allow conversion of Star Tears

    Please treat star tears as other jewels and allow conversion. For time poor players it is very hard to accumulation - i have 10 star tears but only 2 of what i need

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    So you want it to be easy ?

    And within 2 weeks you start asking for the 2nd refinement?


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      Nothing is easy about getting an evovled sylph. Getting it to purple alone takes a long time, then there is the fact of gaining 1000 star sands. Then there is the 10 star tears. Last, if doing apollo or hades, is the 500 divine shards. All he wants is to make one piece a little easier because of how difficult sky trail is.


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        seeing how important a good sylph is, I see no reason for making it easier. Work for it, and feel the joy when you finaly evolve.


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          So agree with this, I have fire and wind tears will never use if no conversion is made. Only Sylphs I use is Iris, Apollo, Hades, and Gaia, and as stands atm just 3 water tears and can refine Iris would be so nice not to have to wait months.