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About 80 jewels and rings...

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  • About 80 jewels and rings...

    Guys know some1 for sure if work both bonuses if make 2 jewels and 2 rings same type Lv 80? That with ignore defence...Or.... work just 1 bonus and other is null?

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    It all works, but the bonus is small and not game breaking important to have.


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      i say it doesnt work :P i tested and also explained how in another thread. of course its possible i made a mistake. ill test again after new patch


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        I would still take the PvE effect ring/jewel, 2000 DEF seems a lot atm, but with adv 80 patch I would guess the effect of 2000 DEF ignorance will become minor and minor
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          i did two each of the ignore pdef. no idea if it works or not, but the reduced crit chance is pve is pretty sucky and knights dont really have rage issues.
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            I tested it with my jewels, and the second PDEF reduction definitely does not work for me. It's a pain to control for other variables, but my results were convincing.

            Here's my original post with the summary data:

            Setsuna's results were even more convincing, since the atk value stayed exactly the same, and the damage didn't change at all:

            But Littlelyseria tested mage jewels and got different results, so either it works for mages but not for knights, or something else is going on.


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              What about after update ? They like to change things without to inform us.


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                Maybe it works all the time, 50% of the time.

                Dunno, I'm making doubles cuz the buffs are lame and used up some crypt tokens in a maybe useful way. Nothing to spend those on anymore. There's scrolls...but there's only so many scrolls you can use. >.>