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Post deleted. Nice Wartune. I gave feedback and you deleted it! Great work.....

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  • Post deleted. Nice Wartune. I gave feedback and you deleted it! Great work.....

    I wrote a post that a elf was reacting with exactly the same answer on different tickets.
    This isn't how you comunicate with your customers.
    I also bought balens too show Jewel hunt was bugged and taped it and therfore I also didn't recieve any compensation for it.
    Now this Battle Ground thing is also for 3 days bugged. Other people can do advanched skills and we not!
    We met thoose people in Party arena so they have more advance then us. So give us also the advanced skills that would be at least fair!
    I spend allready enough money in this game and now I'm getting behind cause all of this ******!
    Old tickets are even showing anymore in ticketsystem and getting response after when I typed back in ticketsystem never happend. Thoose elves are gone looks like.
    After each update the game is full with lag and bugs, only the balens recharge system works... I guess balensystem will be checked otherwise you loose money, the other rest you don't care about it.
    Just ingore the active players and put them in mute mode or remove their posts. thanks for that.
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    Go read terms. Find somthing, put em in jail.


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      Originally posted by reeker4 View Post
      Go read terms. Find somthing, put em in jail.
      Nah - it will be written in really small print sum where, "if u tell the truth, ur threads will be deleted" - ROFL


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        Rule 8: Not sure why you need the replies to be different when all you're doing is saying something isn't working and they already know the issue exists. Now we wait for the devs to fix it.

        To find old replies to your tickets, go to and log in with the ticket number and email address.
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