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  • An idea I had

    I'm not entirely sure if this has been brought up before, but i think that it would benefit everyone, if there was a shop in cloud city that would enable us to buy items with our actual in game currency (not counting balens, be they bound or not). And also i would like to discuss the possibility of implementing trading within groups, for example, say i am with my wife in Spire or ToK and i happen to get an item that she happens to need, that we would be, for a limited time, be able to trade items with those who went through the run with us. I have come across several instances so far, in my short amount of time playing, where the rest of my party has gotten a set piece for my class, and been unable to do anything with it. For my two cents i believe that both of these suggestions would help ease the annoyance at lower levels, and quite possibly with the higher ones as well.

    Thank you for reading my wall of text


    Realm 19

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    Only trading woould be the auction house, which has been stated ages ago that we will never get.